Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

You can choose to come and see me in Waterloo for private vocal lessons. The lessons lasts for 60 minutes and costs £50/lesson. Discount is given if you buy 5 or 10 lessons upfront (email me and we'll book that in).

You explain what your goals and wishes are, provide me with a 5 song wish list 'song list' and I'll work from there.

You get:

  • Physical warm up,

  • Vocal warm up schedule

  • Breathing exercises

  • Vocal technical exercises

  • Repertoire

  • Interpretation

  • Confidence

  • Understand what you can do to improve your vocal situation

Book a lesson and then I'll get in touch with you to find a time slot that works.

You can always email me on if you have any questions.

Best, Cecilia

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